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Our Estate Sales can help during a difficult Life Stage life has many difficult transitions

How can an Estate Sale help? When faced with what to do with the lifetime belongings of a loved one and the prospect of emptying their home of its treasured contents, GoodLife can help bring you peace of mind. Our mission is to assist our clients with one of life's most overwhelming transitions. Whether an estate is in probate or a loved one must be moved to a senior care facility, our estate sale services are professional and fast. We are experts in managing estate sales and carefully stage contents for the best showing. We can also sell items through our online store as consignments or at auction.

Our clients consistently recognize us for our caring, efficient approach with which we manage their estate sale. We know how important the cash proceeds of a sale are to our clients and make certain we bring many qualified buyers to our sales.

GoodLife Sales helps families

We know the Estate Sale business better than anyone. Our promise is to make certain our clients feel that they can move on to the next stage in their lives, assured that their loved ones would have approved of how matters were handled.

Please call us at (949) 294-6231 and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are not always conducted due to a death despite the use of the word estate. However, an Estate Sale usually constitutes the entire personal property of someone. a lifetime of possessions The sale is exclusive of any Real Estate as there are regulations governing how real property is transferred. (If you need to speak with a Real Estate agent, GoodLife can provide references for reputable agents in your area.) Because a home's contents can be vast and overwhelming, many clients sit for months wondering what to do. We understand this problem but have a lot of experience to come to the rescue.

How does an Estate Sale work?

We meet with our clients to assess and value the homes contents. GoodLife Sales does all of the advertising for the sale. estate sale before and after We directly market to both wholesale and retail buyers for antique and collectibles, rare coins, firearms and vehicles. We work hard to bring top dollar for everything. Our agreements typically are to complete a sale within 14 days of all personal items, furniture, appliances and automobiles or watercraft. We will leave the home "broom clean" and ready for real estate staging. We use photography and an e-inventory system with barcoding to identify all items in the sale which ensures better pricing just like a retail operation. Our clients receive a sales report with a certified check for settlement within 3 days of the close of sale. We frequently conduct sales for out-of-state clients and we can work with your attorney or executor of the Estate.

Please call us at (949) 294-6231 and we would be happy to discuss your needs.

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We Specialize in Selling Fine Antiques and Collectibles

My Mom and Dad were lifelong collectors. Whenever they traveled they brought home beautiful quilts, musical instruments and decorative items. They got a lot of enjoyment from these things and I knew they were valuable. I didn't realize how valuable until they were appraised. You found buyers and we got a good price for everything. Thanks!
James H.

rare and unique items for sale

Estate Sales may not be the right place to sell something if it is of high value. Many buyers for these items are not able to attend regional sales but would pay fair price for items they want. This why GoodLife Sales has developed an Online Catalog for our customers. Your consignment items are no longer relegated to a dusty store which may not get enough exposure to ensure a "top-dollar" sale.

Of course, the job of selling an item this way has it's drawbacks - buyers cannot examine an item and must rely on the seller to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. GoodLife Sales has decades of experience with valuations and sales of all types of antiques and collectibles. We know how to market and sell to the discriminating buyer.

rare and unique items for sale

We work with our clients to make sure we meet their expectations. Often, Estate Sales must proceed according to a tight schedule due to our client's needs. We will always try to find buyers and will gladly take items under a consignment agreement. No need to worry about storing and insuring valuable items, GoodLife Sales will be your agent.

How Does a Consignment Work?

We will provide you with a detailed description of each item we take into our inventory along with a tiered pricing arrangement. What this does is show you how much we will try to get for an item over a period of time. You are able to remove an item from rare coins and jewelry for sale consignment after 50% of the time allottment has passed. We believe this gives us a fair chance to sell the item on the open market. We want to sell it for as much as possible however, over time we will need to lower the price in order to find a buyer. Once the item is sold, we will send you a cashiers check within 14 days for the balance of the sale less any costs for delivery to the buyer and our commision. Please call us at (949) 294-6231 and we would be happy to discuss your consignment needs.

What makes an item "Auction-Worthy"?

An auction is the best place to sell the rarest and most sought after antiques and collectibles. Auction attendees are usually keen to the mechanics and pricing of an auction. They are willing to pay premiums in addition to their bid in order to obtain an item.

estate sales, consignments, auctions

Does GoodLife Do Auctions?

GoodLife Sales is not an "Auction House" and we are not a registered auctioneer. These are distinct legal classes of businesses in most states. However, we have taken many items to auction for our clients and the results have been worth the effort. If we can establish an items authenticity and get a good valuation, we may suggest that you allow us to place it with an auction house. We have many resources with whom we have worked that will help make an item "Auction-Worthy".

estate sales, consignments, auctions

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